Live at the Sad Cafe

by Squid Knights

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Squid Knights' first ever show! August 11th, 2011, we performed at the Sad Cafe in Plaistow, NH.


released August 11, 2011

Jeremy Menninger - Vocals
Matt Bonitatibus - Lead Guitar
Derek Smith - Bass
Brandon Menninger -Drums




Squid Knights Wakefield, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Matt's Song
Ha-ha-ha, you thought you got away
But I forced you out, I just couldn’t stay
I was tired of all the games you play
Your message was never conveyed.
I didn’t hear ya.
You had nothing to say.
I didn’t listen.
No thanks.

This ain’t a break-up song, but destruction
I’m fuming out the ears
‘Cause I’m giving off heat like conduction.
You’ve wasted too many years.
I’m leaving town and you behind me
I’ve got nothing to fear
It’s a decision, not a flee
You’re no longer my frontier.

Finally, I’m so much better off now,
With you off my back and done beating with brows.
You did your part, and now it’s time to part,
Go ahead and take your bow.
We were together once,
This I avow.
I was once yours.
But how?
Track Name: The Western
The sun rises in the East but it sets in the West,
Let me put this rumor to rest.
Some believe that the East is less,
But the West coast doesn’t pass the test.
A big white sign and tumbleweed,
Six-gun shooters and tons of greed,
The grass is greener seems to be our creed,
But here at home, I got all I need.

It’s best in the West, or so they say
But I’m just fine East, by the bay,
We got evergreens, no palm trees,
but long winters for my skis.
I don’t care how the West was won,
I just wanna have some fun
This is Boston, not L.A.,
I’ll take Cape Cod any day

This ain’t the ghetto and it ain’t the streets,
Life ‘round here is pretty neat.
Try the chowda, it’s wicked sweet
I know the world and I’ve seen its themes,
Who’s to say what they really mean?
Who’s to say how to live the dream?
If you’re happy here, sing along with me:
Track Name: Inspiration
It’s the coldness of winter vs. the heat of June.
The loneliness of single vs. the loving of you.
Without you babe, my guitar is out of tune.
But when we’re here together, musical notes ring true.
And maybe sometime you will come to realize,
how pretty you are through my infatuated eyes.
But until then, so much harder I try,
To let you know how much you make me smile.
I look at you now and can’t believe you’re all mine
I like it here, don’t wanna share, please stay a while?

Inspiration, Inspiration, you gotta be the best of God’s creation
Because you shook my world and you made it turn.
You took my heart and you helped me learn
About inspiration, inspiration, you gotta be the best of God’s creation
Because you’re far too gorgeous for just one girl.
And there aren’t many angels to be seen in this world.

It’s the sappiest love song, to a horrible tune.
It’s the crappiest word choice but the best I can do.
I scramble for ways to show that I love you.
Those three quick words leave a something to prove.
And ah, I’d like to prove to you the way that you’ve moved
Me and improved this dude, and everything that I do.
This feeling's new and it’s second to few
And I’ll stick to you like paper to glue.
We grew into a happy circle of two.
Adjust the hue on your screen, and grab my point of view.
Never again will I hafta make-do.
I’ll bid adieu to the blue and hit the sunset with you.
Track Name: Good Queen Bess
Stares have never been this happy;
I let my legs hang free.
I fucked up once, you fucked up twice…
And silence would be nice

I am the echo of that whisper from the words I never said
And I am the etcher and his blister from the notes you never read
Blue skies have yet to see so many storms, and its all your fault
But the trees are dead, and no one leaves no one gets out alive

I’m like a dinosaur on top…My life is like Jurassic Park
I’m like a dinosaur on top…My life is like Jurassic Park

So I will run from nothing, to places I cannot see.
And never will I swim in the ocean because I hate doing laundry
For once you are anything but something, something for me
It’s the hope in hand that makes my nothing sweet

Stares have never been this happy;
I let my legs hang free.
I fucked up once, you fucked up twice
And silence would be nice

So this was our test;
I did it for less
I’m off to find the peaceful girl:
My good queen Bess.
Track Name: Dan (Part II: The End)
Dan is leaving the band
I thought he was my friend.
Now, I’m gonna cry.
Or sing a lullabye
Dan is leaving the band
The end
Dan is gone again, the end
Dan is gone again, the end
Dan is gone again, the end.

He said he wouldn’t leave.
Man is he a tease.
So we said farewell.
But how can this be fair? Well
Dan is leaving the band
The end
Dan is gone again, the end
Dan is gone again, the end
Dan is gone again, the end.

You said you were happy;
Was that a disguise?
You left us with questions and we're asking why
Where are you now?
You left us to drown
Was it all a lie?
Track Name: Dan (Part I: Hockey)
Loves to watch hockey
But he doesn't wanna watch it with me
Will sit alone tonight
And cross his fingers for a fight
He doesn't want any beer
I even offered it to him for free
His social habits are just queer
Or maybe he just doesn't like me

Where did I go astray?
All I wanted to do was watch a game one day
The Stanley Cup's ahead and I'm sure you'll say
You'd so much rather do things in your own strange way

We all know that the Bruins won
Both teams played extremely well
You couldn't have had nearly as much fun
Than if your old traditions had failed

La, la la la la la
La, la la la la la la la
Track Name: Stuck
'Cause I can’t lay around all day,
I've got shit to do and bills to pay
I’d love to stay and talk a bit
But nothing will ever come of it.
You’re a pretty girl and I’m a handsome guy,
But you know that, this combo won’t fly
I don’t stare deeply into your eyes
This shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

So here’s your bag and coat and keys
Now all you hafta do is leave.
I had a great time, and that was all.
Come Sunday I’ll be absolved.
Won’t you do the same for me
And please don’t take this personally?
The chance at love is not that good
I don’t really think we could.

It’s easy to see she’s not the one for me
The girl of my dreams looks differently
It was lots of fun but you’re just not the one
And if you can’t shake her off
You get stuck.

Don’t say one more word of it.
I’m gonna travel the world a bit.
And see what fish hop on my rod
You’re no better than the one I caught
You’re a fine girl, don’t mind me
There’s plenty more fish in the sea
I’m gonna swim with some of them
Until I find my name on one of ‘em.

Brandon: (Hey Matt, what's wrong with him?)
Matt: I think he's stuck.
Derek: I agree.
Jeremy: Actually guys, I <i>am</i> stuck
I've been seeing this girl, and...she's nice? And pretty...ish. And I guess...I kind of like her personality?
Derek: Eh.
Jeremy: Ehhh...I think I'm stuck.

I'm stuck.